Shortening and mounting of Steering Rack

The steering rack is a 2.4 turn quick rack for a Ford Escort MK II. Since the front suspension is different than on the Ford that the rack is made for the rack has to be altered to avoid bumpsteer. The pictures below shows the shortening process. After shortening the rack was thoroughly cleaned and assembled using a soft (NLGI 1) universal grease.   


The shortedned housing welded.

New threads being made on the shortened rack. Thread is M14 x 1.5

Shortened rack

Loctite to secure joints

Rack placed in chassis.

Pedals and Pedal Box

The pedals and pedal box are home made. Oil Bronze bushings are used for the pedal hinges. Brake and clutch cylinders are wilwood.

Front Uprights and Brakes

The front uprights are from a Volvo 140. The bolt pattern is altered to 4 x 114.3 to match the rear uprights.


New bolt pattern being made on the front uprights.

Alfa 75 Front brake calipers sand blasted, painted, ready to be rebuilt. .

Spare parts for the brembo calipers are hard to find. Turned ot that the spare rubber parts for Jaguar 4 pot calipers fit just right.

Calipers will just fit inside the rim.

Tight fit. The upper joint is close to the rim.

Rear Uprights and Brakes


Adapter to fit the Golf Iv caliper on the Saab Upright.

Brake caliper mounted on upright