Car recipe



A left hand drive chassis based loosely on the dimensions in the book "Build your own sportscar  for as little as 250" by Ron Champion. Other sources of inspiration have been the more recent book "Build your own sportscar on a budget" by Chris Gibbs, and of course also various photos and drawings of seven type cars found on the net (among others the belo drawings on the forum).

Drivetrain Engine

Engine:               Turbo converted 1.3l Suzuki Swift GTI (G13B).
Dry sump:           A two stage pace Products CD2000 scavenge pump (1.1" rotors) run at half engine speed to
                              scavenge oil from the tray to a dry sump tank. The original internal engine oil pump, fed from the
                              oil tank, will be used as the oil pressure pump. With the dry sump, the engine will not protrude below
                              the chassis.
Oil Cooler:          A standard sandwich adapter with an internal thermostat will be used with a small oil cooler placed
                              under the nose cone (where it will be somewhat crowded).
Turbo:                Garrett GT2052V From a Volvo V70 Diesel. (Remains to be seen how long the VNT diesel
                              turbo keeps up with the exhaust gas temp from the gasoline engine). External wastegate. Not decided on
                              method or how much to lower engine compression.
Intercooler:        Toyota Celica GTfour water cooled intercooler. The separate intercooler radiator will be
                              placed in front of the engine radiator under the nose cone.
ECU:                   Megasquirt II controling injection and ignition. Distributorless system with a trigger wheel placed on the
                              crankshaft and MSII modified to run coil on plug ignition with waisted spark.
Ignition:              4 x VAG coil on plug units from Audi A3. Controlled by the MSII.

Drivetrain Other

Gearbox:            Suzuki SJ413/Samurai 5-speed gearbox.
Diff:                  Ford Sierra 4x4 diff. 3.92 with LSD.
Drive shafts:      Two Ford Scorpio left hand (the shortest) drive shafts are used. The whole
                         drivetrain is moved 20 mm towards the right side of the car.
CV joints:           CV joints from the old generation Saab 900 (1981-87) are used. The splines
                         fit the Scorpio driveshafts, and the Track width with the two short Scorpio
                         shafts is about right for a car with the width of the rather narrow "book" chassis.

Front suspension and brakes

Front suspension is a double A-Arm design using Volvo 140 uprights. Static camber is set to -2 degrees.
Roll Centre height is 31mm. Track width is 1330mm. Ride height is set to 106mm.

Front uprights:  Volvo 140. The bolt pattern is modified to 4x114,3 to match the rear uprights.
Rims:                 Front rims are 6.5" wide 15" with ET 55. Originally from a Honda Prelude.
                         ET 55 gives a scrub radius of roughly 40mm wiht the Volvo uprights.
Brakes:              Front brakes are Alfa Romeo 75 . The spacers are removed from the Brembo
                         2 pot alu calipers to fit the mor narrow non ventilated disks.
Brake disk:        Saab 99 solid disk. 280 mm diameter.

Coilovers:          13" Gaz coilovers. Bump and rebound adjustable, but not individually adjustable. Outboard mounted.

Rear suspension and brakes

Rear suspension is a double A-Arm design (IRS) using Saab 900 front uprights. Static camber is set to -1 degrees.
Roll Centre height is 63mm. Track width is 1330mm and ride height is 110mm.

Rear uprights:    Saab 900.
Rims:                 Rear rims are 6.5" wide 15" with ET 55. Originally from a Honda Prelude. 
Brakes:              Rear brakes are VW Golv IV. Floating alu caliper with integrated mechanically activated handbrake.
Brake disk:        Mitsubishi Galant solid disk. 265 mm diameter.

Coilovers:          13" Gaz dampers. Bump and rebound adjustable, but not individually adjustable.


Rack:                Ford Escort MKII 2.4 turn quickrack. Shortened to avoid bumpsteer.
Column:             Two steering columns and joints from Volvo 240. One disassembled to be used to add length to reach the rack.
                        The splines of the Volvo joints fit the splines on the Escort Rack.