Chassis Build


Start of chassis build. Marking out on the table.

It is starting to look familiar!

Testing! The diff will fit.

First time with th e chassis not bolted to the table.

Seats have arrived. Fits nicely in the chassis.

Seats and Scuttle.

Radiator from Mercedes 190.

Suspension Mount Brackets. First one was fun. The rest were, well ... bloody booring to make!

Front A-arm mounts.

First test fit of engine and gearbox. No major hickups.

Right engine mount templates

Engine mount tacked together

The finished left mount.

Lefte engine mount.

First testfit of pieces.

Some holes added to make it lighter.

The finished left engine mount.

Finished gearbox mount.

Sheetmetal floor being tacked to the frame. 1mm sheetmetal is used.

Passenger seat mounted.

Passenger seat mountings welded to the chassis.

Nosecone in place

Fan bolted to chassis. Radiator will be placed in front of the fan under the nosecone.